Mar 25, 2021turbopip rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
The book contains lots of decadent recipes where a single flavour is interpreted across a range of dessert types. For example, there are cotton candy cookie sandwiches, cupcakes, party squares, cake, cream puffs, macarons and hot chocolate. The ubiquitous salted caramel and cookie dough make similar appearances. If you like cookbooks with pictures of every recipe, this one will fit the bill. There are beautiful close up pictures of each dessert and even some weird ones that involve a close up of a hand holding a dessert while chocolate ganache is poured over the dessert and all over the hand. I suppose this isn't odd when it happens once(and at first seems quite artsy) but it seems pretty contrived when it happens with each of those types of desserts. If you are a person who likes to bake, then this book will present a challenge that has nothing to do with technique or ingredients. The title of this book implies that it is intended to be used by someone who actually bakes, not just by someone who enjoys perusing cookbooks and looking at lovely food photography. I actually bake. I bake a lot and I'm always on the hunt for new recipes and ideas. This book would be more aptly title "100 Recipes for the Modern Baker who either wants to copy out the recipes by hand, photocopy to enlarge them or have a magnifying lamp handy on the kitchen counter". That is because the font is miniscule. I suspect this is printed in a 4 or 6 font. In a space 1/2" (slightly less than 1cm) there are 4 lines of type. Yes, 4! There are way too many words crammed into such a small space. As well, this book follows what seems to be the current trend of very light print so that the type is grey rather than black. Unless you plan to do any of the things mention above to make the recipes legible enough for use in the kitchen, this book is completely and utterly useless as a tool in your baking kitchen. I can see perfectly well and would not be able to discern what was on the pages of this book if I wanted to actually bake from it. There is also some of this trendy white print on a pale background business going on, in this case, white print on pale pink, rendering tables of contents almost unreadable, especially if light shines on the page. This sort of print silliness is a pet peeve of mine, especially with cookbooks, so my review reflects my frustration with finding something that might be good but not having the patience to copy recipes out in some other format in order to render them usable.