Dec 19, 2020phyllis94941 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Well-researched book about the women packhorse librarians of Kentucky in the 1930's, part of Eleanor Roosevelt's new traveling library. The novel focuses on the relationships of these women librarians in the small town of Baileyville, and that's really what makes this story so readable - each woman has her own personality and capabilities, and there is a strong sense of loyalty among them. I easily became involved in each woman's personal story, especially the two main characters Alice and Margery. The novel presents the limitations of women's roles during this time, especially in a small southern mining town, and then the plot develops to show how the women overcome many of these limitations. Themes of power, trust, growth, friendship, and standing up for what is right are woven into the compelling plot, and the reader will be rewarded with a satisfying story as love and justice prevails.