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PimaLib_ChristineR created a list Oct 13 2018
K-12 Study Guide
Books to Read Before College
"Whether you're a high school student trying to get a leg up, or an adult thinking about returning to school and wondering what you can do to fit in to academia, here's a completely biased list from a former Writing and Literature instructor, that ..."
PimaLib_ChristineR rated a title Oct 13 2018
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When his former employer goes missing, Gideon Crew, reeling from his terminal diagnosis, pursues the long-awaited translation of the Phaistos Disc, an ancient tablet that could end or save his life.
PimaLib_ChristineR made a comment Oct 12 2018
"5 ⭐ - I shouldn't give this book five stars. I really shouldn't. And yet, I can't help overlooking some flaws for something that's a TOTALLY ORIGINAL IDEA!! (I haven't seen In Time and I'm not likely to so if you think this is a ripoff of that ..." Permalink
PimaLib_ChristineR made a comment Oct 10 2018
"4 ⭐ - Don't read this review if you haven't read Warcross as it will include Warcross spoilers. Once this sequel gets going it's non-stop action. Emika knows that Heido has done something terrible for good reasons. Now that his algorithm has t..." Permalink
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