Treme The Complete First Season DVD - 2011

DVD 4 - Episode 9
Professor Bernette discusses Kate Chopin’s book The Awakening with his young students (some of them mildly interested – most of them focused on other concerns of a younger life). In answer to a male student’s question of what the protagonist is looking for Professor Bernette responds: So what’s Edna looking for? (pause -- as if he’s pulling out his response from deep inside) Edna’s journey is (second deep pause) She’s looking for truth or some kind of peace (overheard giggle from a young girl who doesn’t get it). Female student with deer-like eyes: Professor Bernette, I know that class participation is 10% of our grade, but are the discussions themselves going to be on the test too? Groan from Professor Bernette and affectionate glance. Gwyneth my dear everything will be on the test and the test will be everything. But fear not, for in the end, every one of us will be tested and every one of us will be found wanting.

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