1987's "Predator" is one of those ruthlessly sadistic movies that (as a cheap ploy to build suspense) doesn't clearly show this creature-in-question (in the plain light of day) until well into the story.

And, I have to tell ya - When this particular "predator" does finally step out of its visual obscurity (with its wormy hair and its "Porky Pig" roadkill face) - I, literally, burst out laughing. I really did. (Ha! What a hoot!) Talk about anti-climatic!

This utterly moronic-looking predator (with fingernails so long that it couldn't even manipulate its own high-tech gadgetry properly) was one of the most laughably cheesy creatures ever designed by famed make-up effects artist, Stan Winston.

And, speaking about Predator's soundtrack music - Man-oh-man - It was so irritatingly loud far too often and it kept inexplicably building in intensity as a sorry attempt to hopefully create some much-needed suspense in this SyFy clunker.

Oh, yeah - By the way - "Predator" stars the Austrian Oak (aka. Arnold "What's-His-Name").

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