A Time for Mercy

A Time for Mercy

Book - 2020
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Feb 15, 2021

This is his worst book, totally disappointed, way too long with a meaningless ending

Feb 12, 2021

What a disappointment and frankly a waste of time. At the end of the book, Grisham states he was lazy in the writing and editing of this book and boy does that show. This book was way too long and some of the resolutions are just too hard to believe. There is talk of a movie and if a movie is made, they will need to seriously rewrite the script. Grisham is becoming like many of these prolific writers of best sellers and is just putting in minimal effort. There is nothing to gain by reading this novel.

Jan 23, 2021

I agree with a lot of these comments...slogged through this very long book just to be very disappointed by the ending...if he left the door open for a sequel, I'll skip it.
I have been a reader of many of his books and liked the earlier ones a lot better.

Jan 21, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this visit to Ford County. Lots of memorable characters return and the main courtroom story represents a compelling legal dilemma. Grisham takes the time to flesh out his characters and makes us care about them.

That is why we are disappointed with the ending- the struggles remain for the characters, maybe slightly better, but not resolved. It is a good ending, though, and reminds us that life is messy- and it sets us up for more Ford County tales. I look forward to it.

Jan 08, 2021

As with all his books, Grisham offers interesting characters and a suspenful story. However, he leaves so much unanswered at the end that I felt very disappointed. I read 464 pages and it was like Grisham got tired and did not want to write anymore. Very unlike him to do this.

TSCPL_Sherry Jan 03, 2021

I enjoyed reading about familiar characters including Jake Brigance, Judge Noose, and Sheriff Ozzie from the town of Clanton, Mississippi. The story line is a good one; including social issues like domestic abuse and poverty. The book did leave some questions unanswered.

Dec 22, 2020

I thought it was great. A little of a let down at the end, but in reality was probably correct. Grisham rarely disappoints. I recommend this if you are a Grisham fan and especially a Brigance fan.

Dec 19, 2020

I enjoyed it right up until the end. the day after I finished it I picked it up to continue reading and had a moment where I thought I had missed something with the ending. I skimmed through the last 2 chapters to make sure I had finished it! then I thought maybe it was me missing something but after reading several of the reviews here I realize I didn't miss anything, it was not a strong ending and lots of loose ends.

Dec 17, 2020

Too long of a book to have such a disappointing ending with too many loose ends. For me, this was his worst book.

Dec 13, 2020

I enjoyed it, the storyline was good and the characters entertaining. At times it was slow, too much fluffy narrative. The ending left room for a sequel. Great book to pass the winter months with.

Dec 11, 2020

Enjoyed the book. But the ending had no ending.

Dec 10, 2020

A great read. Nice to have the old Grisham writing back.

Dec 08, 2020

An excellent read.

Dec 07, 2020

This book reminded me of his early books, where you never knew what was going to happen next. Or what tricks his main character had up his sleeve that Grisham hadn't revealed as yet. Wonderfully paced and I enjoyed reading all but how he chose to end the book. Not a traditional Grisham ending is all I can say.

Dec 06, 2020

Very disappointing. Although Grisham is a great writer, the story just plodded along for me. Also too formulaic and predictable ending.

Nov 30, 2020

Jake Brigance is back and better than ever. The drama in this third Brigance installment is right on par with the first one. I could not help seeing Matthew McConaughey in my mind's eye as I read this book. The case is complicated. The town is once again in an uproar and Jake has become the least popular guy on Clanton, MI square. There are some very difficult life situations to consider in this book and many a book group will find this to be a substantial choice for consideration. When is capital punishment appropriate? Can the victim be put on trial as part of the defense? Should a 16-year-old be sent to death row? When a man's public life and private life are polar opposite, why do those closest have to bear the price? Above it all is the principal of "innocent until proven guilty." When that flies out the window, it is indeed a time for mercy. And we need another Jake book -- sooner than later, please.

Hillsboro_ElizabethH Nov 23, 2020

One of Grisham's best, in my humble opinion. Like many people have stated, it appears he's set Jake Brigance up to be in another novel. I'm okay with that - I like Jake, and want to know what happens next!

As usual, good character development - you really get to know and like (or hate) them.

Nov 23, 2020

Classic Grisham, indeed a return to one of his earliest and best little-lawyer-against-all-odds series, and a tale full of questions about morality and the difficulty of finding and defending real justice.

Nov 22, 2020

Another great book by a great author. Wonderful courtroom descriptions and fully involves the reader in what goes on behind the scenes.

Nov 21, 2020

The third Jake Brigance novel following A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row, A Time for Mercy is a MUST READ!!! Hoping we won't have to wait too long for a fourth in The Jake Brigance series!

Nov 16, 2020

This was so thought provoking, page turner, absolutely loved
Need a sequel

Nov 12, 2020

One of the best of his last few books I think. At times, it seems he writes something over a couple of weeks to fulfill an obligation to his publisher and his contract but to me, it felt like he actually spent some time on this one. Thought the courtroom scenes, when they finally got there, were really good. But, you know, in the end, lots of things were not really ended, so yes, maybe he is preparing for a 4th in the Jake Brigance series. However, I thought the same thing about Gray Mountain a few years ago, and thus far, nothing.

Nov 10, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am so happy to be off the island and reading a story about real people and a working lawyer trying to take care of his defendant and his family.

Nov 08, 2020

Not bad. The way it ended one had the feeling that all of this was prelude to another book.

Nov 06, 2020

Grisham never fails to tug at the heart strings and "A time for Mercy" is no exception. As always, Jake Brigance is stuck defending a poor young 16 year old boy who has no means of payment. Drew is accused of capital murder - a cop no less. Jake takes on the case and while I started out rooting for the client, as the case progressed and Jake began paying the price of his defense I felt for him and prayed ardently that he would come out unscathed. In addition to Drew's case their is another important case - the Smallwood trial whose fate is in the balance and also we are wondering if there will be an addition to the Brigance's family. Grisham does not to disappoint even when the ending is not a neatly wrapped conclusion.

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