Year One

Year One

Book - 2017
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May 05, 2018

Wasn't sure about this book but I pushed on. Caught my interest and now can't wait for the next in the series!
When is book 2 available?

JCLTraciM Apr 30, 2018

I was not sure about this new trilogy from Nora Roberts. It took me a couple stops and starts to really get into it, but once I did, I couldn't put it down. Definitely not for everyone. I felt the last third of the book was a little rushed and clearly a setup for the books to come. If you're a fan of older series like Chesapeake Bay or In the Garden, you might want to give this new series, Chronicles of the One, a pass or at least be warned that this is not a nice, contemporary love story. I can't say that Year One is a favorite, but it was intriguing enough that I'm looking forward to the books to come.

Apr 26, 2018

A real change for Nora Roberts. Engaging and entertaining...can't wait for the next book!

Apr 08, 2018

This was a surprising read from Nora Roberts & I loved it. Is there more to come????

Apr 08, 2018

scary, I look for romance in her books so was disappointed with story line, occult, witchcraft, etc. After a few pages, the end for me

JessicaGma Mar 27, 2018

This was my first Nora Roberts book and I can see why it was compared to The Stand by Stephen King but it's a bit stranger than The Stand, and also not quite as good. Lots of characters, and neat magic, but it seems a little too pat.....Just read The Stand.

Mar 12, 2018

I usually really really like Nora Roberts books. However, stopped half way with this one. Can't be bothered to finish it. This was one of only a handful of books I have ever stopped reading midway. Too bad.

Mar 09, 2018

Meh. As another review mentioned; way too much damsel in distress that gets saved just in time by an Alpha male. I thought the middle of the book was better than either the beginning or ending.

Feb 19, 2018

Stopped reading Nora Roberts years ago, her books seemed to be the same with only name changes. Don't know why I picked this one up, but glad I did. Can't wait for #2.

Feb 14, 2018

I'm a huge fan of fantasy and post apocalyptic novels, but I have little experience with romance novels and no experience with Nora Roberts, so I have a hard time judging the book too harshly. I enjoyed the casual view of societal collapse due to a mystical virus that wipes out most of humanity in a matter of weeks. I wasn't expecting the brutality of a dark tome like King's 'The Stand', but it was surprisingly bloody. I also enjoyed a lot of subtle survival horror elements of Arlys's and Max's bands of survivors.

I didn't enjoy the random change in direction the plot takes around 4/5ths of the way in. It's as if the conjoining story that the author built towards was abandoned for a new plot. I also thought the villains were a bit shallow. Without spoiling, one group just ups and become villains with no real reason given. The other group congeals in a way that you could see coming, but the initial 'big baddies' just sort of take a hard turn towards villainy without an explanation. Strangely, the two villain groups hold diametrically opposing ideologies, yet they end up working together for a purpose that blends prophecy and petty revenge. All that said, I can't judge the book too harshly because of those minor foibles. Especially keeping in mind it's a mash between romance and fantasy with a bit of horror, but the book begins with a stronger than expected dose of horror that putters out 1/4th of the way in.

The last criticism I tried to ignore but has become increasingly difficult to shake off. The characters were woefully stereotypical and not very diverse. The heroes are a-typical alpha males who know it all and can do it all. The primary female character is a damsel in distress that constantly requires rescue or guidance from one of the alpha males. The very few characters of color seem sprinkled in purely for the purpose of slipping in a few jokes and filler. It feels harsh to criticize for things that only up until very recently were accepted standards in speculative fiction, but this was written recently. From a modern lens it's hard to ignore.
Overall: An OK read with a few flaws. I wouldn't recommend for those strictly reading for its fantasy or dystopia elements. If you are looking for light reading this might do, but it just wasn't for me.

Feb 09, 2018

I was so prepared to hate this book and almost gave up on it. Actually loved it and can't wait for Book #2!! I wanted to give it 5 stars and somehow it ended up only 4. Sorry about that, Nora Roberts.

Jan 31, 2018

I loved the story line, more original then just a zombie epidemic! Can't wait for the second one!

Jan 25, 2018

This book is excellent, well worth the read. very intense.

Jan 24, 2018

i love reading nora roberts, but i gave up half way thru this one. story too slow and disjointed.

Jan 18, 2018

True, this is different, but I LOVED it! I hope she is writing the next one now.

romance_nerd Jan 17, 2018

In some ways, it's still very much a Nora Roberts book. The writing is wonderful and beautifully written to express the dangers, fears, and even joys of this new world. There are a few love stories to root for, but overall, I wouldn't call this a romance. Instead, we've been given an origin story for The One and I assume the next book will be centered around this person, years in the future. I would say, for anyone intending to read this, go in with zero expectations.

There are many characters in this one and each plays a role in the journey. I loved the different dynamics between characters, the groups that get formed, and the way they learn to grow and depend on each other. In particular, I really enjoyed Max and Lana, who I would say are the "main characters" in the book. Much of the story centers on their journey and I found them to be really interesting characters.

Jan 08, 2018

Although this work has many of the elements found in other Nora Roberts novels, the pandemic is a new and interesting angle. The back stories and subsequent intersection of the different key characters, is a refreshing change from her formulaic approach to trilogies. Overall it was very entertaining.

Jan 05, 2018

I'll be stocking up on my emergency supplies after reading this book. I really liked it.

Jan 04, 2018

Have been on hold for four months already for this book....that’s totally unacceptable for a Library of this has been in circulation for months and there are approx 90 still on hold....very would think they might perhaps look into purchasing more having read some of the reviews for it.......not sure if I really want to read it...but will just see how long it takes the library to expedite the waiting period.

Dec 30, 2017

Exasperatingly and disappointingly bad.

best part - one kid riding around on a bike (everyone else seems to be able to drive)

worst part - magical zygote savior-to-be

Dec 30, 2017

too crazy and wierd

Dec 16, 2017

I read this new book in one day. It was very consuming and an interesting concept. It was very easy to get involved with characters. I was beginning to feel that Nora Roberts was depending too much on her formula. One could even predict the language she would use. This one is much better, I look forward to the next book in the series.

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